Alternative Solutions for Small Business Owners to market 

& sell their products without paying a cent.

As South Africa embarks on the phased re-opening of the economy and online stores are now able to sell products, it’s no surprise that E-Commerce is expanding exponentially.

What does this mean for small business owners?

Over the past few weeks we have seen hundreds of requests from small business owners for e-commerce sites and mobile commerce applications, but is this really the only solution? And at what cost?

What is the reality?

Small business owners really need to put food on the table for their families and with what little money they have left to survive during these challenging times, it’s not really fair to ask that they give up their last bit of food money. Online stores / sites or e-commerce retailer charges to sell products and services are really no affordable in these times. But with not being able to sell directly, online is the only logical choice to survive. Is choosing between feeding your family now or sacrificing to be able to feed your family later really a choice?

Are there Alternative Solutions?

Before going for the obvious more costly options, consider starting smaller and ensure you market your products / services without paying a cent. This may just lead to more sales in the interim which could help you afford the more costly options sooner.

Here are some ideas to help your business during this crisis:

Business Listings

Promote your products and services by creating business listings. Increase visibility & Attract more customers. There are plenty of South African sites that allow you to register your business and promote your goods for free.

Social Media

Since the beginning of the pandemic, social media usage has increased significantly. If you are not promoting your products and services on social media, it’s time to get started.

Apart from that, take advantage of marketing tools like the Facebook Marketplace.


Send your existing clients WhatApp messages so they can stay in contact with you if they need anything.

Advertise your Whatsapp number on social media so potential clients can get in contact with you easily.

If you are selling products or services during COVID – ensure you comply with all the necessary compliance legislations