Screening and Preventative Action

Covid Prevention


Quick Contactless Screening to ensure fast access through high traffic areas

Safeguard your Institution & Visitors

Covid Prevention

Covid screening tool for businesses

Contactless screening solutions are critical for business continuation and getting things back to normal. 


Ensuring fast access through high traffic areas and safeguarding your staff and visitors is possible with proper screening tools.


Covid-QA is a screening and preventative action tool with solutions which are easy to integrate and customisable to suit any business or institutions needs.


These contactless screening solutions accommodate effortless screening at office entrances, casinos, shopping centres, malls, schools, universities, warehouses, mines and even restaurants.


Packages include various optional features including facial recognition/identification scanning, symptom and Contact Q&A with voice recognition or no-touch buttons options, thermal temperature scanning, mask detection, and access control integration.



Easy Integration & Customisable Solutions

Where the solutions can be used

Contactless Screening Solution Overview

Custom Solutions

Contactless Screening Solutions Package Options

Detailed Process Overview

Contactless Screening Solutions Detailed Process Overview

Hardware Details

  • Contactless Temperature measuring device within a range of 0,5m to 1,5m.
  • Temperature detection accuracy of ±0.3°C.
  • Measurement range 30-45℃
  • Measurement distance ≤50CM
  • Response time ≤300ms
  • High speed processing of people.
  • Optional Access control via Facial recognition
  • Optional Access control via RFID
  • Optional Integration via API to access control such as sliding doors or booms.
  • Designed for high traffic access points such as schools, offices, shopping centers etc.
  • Main Board Quad-core CPU, main frequency up to 1.8 GHz, Mali-T764 GPU, support 4K, H.265 decoding
  • Storage 2G memory / 8G storage (expandable)
  • Size 8″
  • Optimum resolution 800(H)x1280(V)
  • Display scale 16:9
  • Video content HD video/picture/text/scroll text (separable window display)
  • Supported formats Video: wmv, avi, flv, rm, rmvb, mpeg, ts, mp4; Audio: MP3, AAC, WAV, PCM;
  • Picture: png, bmp, jpg, gif
  • Speaker 2W Mono
  • Power input DC/12V-3A
  • Network Support LAN / WiFi / (4G for optional)
  • Photosensitive Infrared photosensitive
  • Interface DCx1, RJ45x1, RS232 x1, Wiegandx1, USBx1, OTGx1
  • Material Full aluminum alloy structure design, ultra-thin appearance
  • Surface treatment Metal painting(Colour options: Black, Silver)
  • Protect Glass 3mm Physically toughened glass
  • Frame Silver
  • Dimensions 230mm x125 mm x 24mm ;Adjustable Angle: 30 degree
  • Weight ≤2KG
  • Face ID Height 1.2-2.2M, adjustable angle
  • Face ID Distance 0.5-1.5M
  • Recognition speed ≤0.5s
  • Face ID Database Support 20,000 face comparison library and 100,000 face recognition records
Covid screening device

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